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4-Track Tennyson Transcription

Click the image for a pdf of "Laundry" off of the ADULTING album

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I am available for private lessons via Zoom, Skype or in person. We'll begin by discussing your aspirations and passions with music, and then begin our studies of any of the relevant topics below:

  • general music theory

  • jazz theory & improvisation

  • electronic music production (Ableton Live / Pro Tools)

  • musical notation and arranging

  • mallet percussion

  • drum set

  • classical percussion


For more info on lessons email me at

Additional Topics for Jazz & Creative Music


Singing and visualizing melodies and harmonies over drones
Playing ideas through keys
Memorizing tunes and chord progressions by ear
Displacing melodies rhythmically
Singing and playing scales, ideas, melodies, voicings, arpeggios, and solos
Transcribing, singing, memorizing and playing solos through keys
Diatonic harmony – sub-dominants and modulation
Analysis of standard progressions and songs
Chord-scale theory
Establishing an effective daily routine
Interval recognition
Harmonic recognition
Singing and playing over progressions and songs
Learning to play by ear
Working on rhythmic feel
Developing a vocabulary
Working towards performance and recording
Dealing with physical injury / tendonitis​​

Lessons in Audio & Music Production

  • Want to know the basics of speeding up, slowing down, cropping, looping and mixing audio?

  • Trying to get the beats or music in your head out into the real world?

  • Looking to make your own synthesizers and sound design musical effects?

  • Trying to integrate electronics into your acoustic musical performances?

  • Wanting to make some smooth transitions or nice mixes while DJing a party?

  • Want to know basic music theory behind producing dance music?



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